October 2022.

To help ensure the safety and security of children in Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres, a local wind farm is funding an infrastructure project that will benefit more than 1 000 children across nine ECD centres within their four host communities in the Cookhouse region, through maintenance, renovations, extensions and in a few cases, new builds.

“This project will provide comfort to parents by offering them peace of mind knowing that their children are learning in buildings that don’t pose a health or safety hazard. Moreover, the buildings will most likely survive Cookhouse Wind Farm’s involvement, and will remain living monuments to our commitment to improving the lives of young children,” said Lifa Baskiti, Community Liaison Officer for Cookhouse Wind Farm, which funds this project.

The project is an extension of the capacity-building initiative that the wind farm launched in 2015. While the capacity of the practitioners improved, the buildings in which they practised did not follow suit. The purpose of the programme is to close the gap between capacity building and infrastructural needs while ensuring compliance with municipal and departmental safety requirements.

“We are very grateful to Cookhouse Wind Farm for this support. Having this support gives us comfort that the building will provide a safe and secure space to teach and learn, which is a very welcome development,” concluded Principal Aphelele Rangula, of Wonderland Pre-School.

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