February 2021.

Isolated communities that are cut off from a source of clean water, are especially vulnerable in the fight against Covid-19. Realising this truth, Cookhouse Wind Farm has partnered with ‘Gift of the Givers’ to provide relief in the form of access to drinking water, to the town of Adelaide, Red Location, in the rural Eastern Cape.

This location, which is home to roughly 5 000 community members, has been experiencing a severe drought and the support has come at a critical time as the Eastern Cape continues to work to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, where hygiene plays an essential part to protect communities against the disease.

“This health pandemic has once again highlighted the importance of access to Water and Sanitation. The Ministry of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation has been tasked with a responsibility of ensuring that there is water for all communities in order to flatten the curve and to stop the spread of the virus, but this is a massive task, which is why we have supported our local communities who are in desperate need of clean water to stay healthy,” explained Tshepo Kgoloane, Community Operations Manager for Cookhouse Wind Farm.

Cookhouse Wind Farm provided funding to ‘Gift of the Givers’ to purchase 15 5 000L water tanks that have been placed at strategic points within Adelaide to provide accessible drinking water, instead of communities having to walk to collect water at a central point located approximately 3km away. The close by boreholes ensure that there is always sufficient supply of water for this remote and vulnerable community.

Cookhouse Wind Farm consulted relevant stakeholders including the Local Municipality, through the Ward Councilor, before committing to this initiative.

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