Cookhouse Wind Farm has begun rolling out the first phase of its Healthcare Flagship Initiative, aimed at strengthening Primary Healthcare in the communities of Bedford, Cookhouse, Somerset East and Adelaide.

This three-year high impact initiative, which will see a R2, 000, 000 investment in the first year, in the four beneficiary towns, is aimed at targeted quality primary healthcare through resourcing of public clinics.

Following a baseline study that included extensive engagement with the Eastern Cape Department of Health at district level, and a needs analysis of clinics in the wind farm’s beneficiary communities, a programme has been designed to invest in key focus areas. This includes: Ward based Community Healthcare Workers; a Professional and Enrolled Nurse that will be providing health care support to outlaying farm communities in Bedford and Adelaide; and the Purchase of medical equipment.

Studies show that when Primary Healthcare facilities are well equipped and well-staffed, the need for patients to travel long distances to hospitals decreases. This ultimately relieves stress on many levels, beginning with members of communities, as quality healthcare can be accessed within residential towns.

“Our talks at Departmental level through to clinic staff has helped us to devise a programme that intends to provide a greater impact in relation to the funds invested,” explained Elton Gordon, Special Projects Manager within the Community Operations Department at Cookhouse Wind Farm.

The programme is being piloted at Mzamomhle Clinic in Bedford and Nomakhwezi Makenyana Clinic in Adelaide, where support has been provided to address the shortage in medical equipment and the resulting impact on nursing staff’s ability to render quality healthcare to patients.

Sister Ngcaku, of the Department of Health commented, “The communities served by Mzamomhle and Nomakhwezi Makenyana will now be screened and diagnosed with modern equipment procured by Cookhouse Wind Farm. This donation also relieves the burden from the departmental budget that is almost depleted”.

During the second phase of the Healthcare Flagship Initiative, Cookhouse Wind Farm will be procuring equipment for Bhongweni Clinic in Cookhouse, Aeroville Clinic in Aeroville, Beatrice Ngwentle Clinic, Vera Barford and Union Clinic in Somerset East.

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